Nov 27 2006

On the Tenth Day…


shennung.jpg…a book on the history of tea would be perfect for one who wants to explore more deeply this exotic plant which has been enjoyed since ancient times. Learn about the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who legend credits for discovering the soothing and medicinal properties of this botanical when a leaf accidentally floated into his pot of hot water from the ancient tea tree above him. Such a wide variety of books are available, in every price range.

Or perhaps a selection of fine, vintage linens or service pieces to grace the table. Any of these would make a perfect gift for the Eleventh Day.


But ah, the Twelfth Day gift! This should be very special. Nothing is more special than that perfect heirloom teapot accompanied by a selection of fine teas. In such a wide range of materials…porcelain, silver, or pottery…and colors, the perfect teapot can be fancy or serviceable. Sure to become a family heirloom for everyday use is the one quart, sturdy pot in white or black with its’ own infuser basket and an insulated metal hood in stainless steel or copper finish. This is a pot which will fit into any decor and will last a lifetime!familyteapots.jpg


Oct 21 2006

New: Keiko Green Teas, Tea Shop Mystery, World Tea Expo Goodies


Fine Japanese green teas from Keiko Tea. This is a new source and a new type of tea for us. An area of exploration and education about the teas of Japan.


Also from Keiko, Green Tea Drops: hard tea candy flavored with mint, ginger, or cherry. Coming soon we will carry Green Tea chocolates.

Beautiful insulated travel tea glasses. Available in insulated glass with beautiful delicate design, or colorful outer layer with stainless steel inside, these have an infuser topped by a tightly screwed on lid, allowing you to brew your own high quality loose leaf tea when traveling. Be sure to check them out.

Latest Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs: Blood Orange Brewing, filled with her usual quirky characters, suspenseful plot, and tea time recipes. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, it’s time to get started. She’s not just a pretty face! We carry the entire series in paperback as they become available.

From The World Tea Expo: a variety of tea related items including baseball caps and round brimmed hats with the I Love Tea logo, gorgeous silk scarves in black with a white design of a tea cup silk screened on each end, well priced sterling silver bookmarks with a teapot dangle.

Fresh shipments of delicate white porcelain pieces, reasonably priced for your tea table, new teacup card designs from Kimberly Shaw Graphics, and new Tiny Teapot Jewelry designs. And of course, there’s always a new vintage linen or china piece from my auction or estate sale roaming!