Dec 9 2014

A Cup of Christmas Tea for Aunt Jean

Aunt Jean in Spring

Aunt Jean in Spring 2011?

Last month I traveled to Maryland to visit my hospitalized 99 year old aunt. Aunt Jean was always a favorite of mine and my brother’s (don’t tell the others!). She was always feisty, interested in everything that was going on, passionate about politics, loved being outdoors, and caring for her animals. Aunt Jean hated wearing a bra long before it was a feminist statement; the first thing she would do when she got home from work at her office job was to take off her bra. She and my uncle never had children, so they raised their property full of beautiful plants and their many animals with the same love and passion they would have for children. As she aged, she stubbornly insisted on remaining in her home despite the concerns of all those who cared about her.

Last week Aunt Jean died. Although she didn’t make it to her goal of living to be 100, she came darn close. In recent years a visit to her would find her sitting at her spot at the table with a cup of tea in front of her. As I’ve been juggling preparing for the holidays, taking care of her affairs, and preparing for her funeral service, my mind keeps going to one of my favorite poems/ books, especially at this time of year. A Cup of Christmas Tea, by Tom Hegg, followed by his second book, A Memory of Christmas Tea, are  appropriate tributes to Aunt Jean, and a wonderful reminder to all of us to make time for those in our lives who are important to us.  I hope you will join me in A Cup of Christmas Tea in honor of my Aunt Jean. Give everyone up there my love Aunt Jean, and God Bless!




Dec 24 2011

A Very Merry Cup of Christmas Tea!


 In our family, we celebrate Christmas. So if you do not,   please know that in wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas, I send you not only a religious greeting, but a broader wish for Peace in your lives and on earth, for belief in something greater than yourselves, and the hope that accompanies that. I have often thought that if world leaders met over tea rather than any other beverage, it would be much more difficult to wage war on one another. May you be surrounded by those you love during this joyous season, and may you always have a full cup of tea!


Dec 11 2009

Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas…


Okay, so it’s actually fourteen days, but you don’t want to wait until the very last second to complete your shopping. We have a great selection of gifts for your tea loving recipient, and the price range is varied.

For the Mystery loving tea drinker, I would choose one of the teashop mysteries by Laura Childs and pair it with a package of tea by the same name in the title. For instance the first book in the series, Death by Darjeeling  paired with a tin or box of Darjeeling tea, the Champagne of teas, will delight your tea drinking mystery lover. Other titles include Shades of Earl Grey, Gunpowder Green, The English Breakfast Murders, Jasmine Moon Murders, Dragonwell Dead…you get the idea. The books all have recipes at the back for tea time. Price of the books ranges from $6.99 to $7.99 and tea selections from $3.50 and up. 

For the  family Grandparents, those of us who have all the “things” we’ll ever need, you can’t go wrong with a little gift of their favorite tea packaged up with a pack of McVitie’s Biscuits and a jar of luscious lemon curd. Wrapped up in a basket and tied with a ribbon, this selection is priced from about $10.00 and up. (Don’t get me wrong, this is not only for grandparents). Anyone would enjoy this selection.

We have a huge selection of teapots, cupsinfusersservewarebookstinyteapot jewelry…whew! Oh yes, and TEA; lots of tea ! Choose from loose leaf tea, tea bags, fancier and roomier tea sachets, priced from $3.50 and up.

So, come on in, and have a cup of tea while you’re here before moving on to your next engagement.teasetting.JPG


Nov 28 2009

It’s Almost Here! Tea by the Sea in just 7 more days.


Be sure to join us in our second year of offering this unique, festive, and painless holiday shopping experience away from the crowds and madness. Nellie’s is joined this year by Rodney Laughton, Innkeeper at The Breakers Inn on Higgins Beach. Again you can browse an assortment of fine teas, gifts, and decor from Nellie’s and also take home some delectable baked goods from The Breakers, as well as selected antique gift items. Before you leave opt to sit and be served tea and scones with accompaniments, and perhaps one of Rodney’s lobster rolls, as you look out over the Atlantic from the dining room of The Breakers.

When: Friday December 4th, 12 to 6 pm

                Saturday December 5th, 10 am to 4 pm

Where: The Breakers Inn

                   2 Bay View Avenue

                  Higgins Beach; Scarborough, Maine

FMI: call 871-8041

For Directions visit: 

We’ll look forward to welcoming you!


Nov 27 2006

On the Tenth Day…


shennung.jpg…a book on the history of tea would be perfect for one who wants to explore more deeply this exotic plant which has been enjoyed since ancient times. Learn about the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who legend credits for discovering the soothing and medicinal properties of this botanical when a leaf accidentally floated into his pot of hot water from the ancient tea tree above him. Such a wide variety of books are available, in every price range.

Or perhaps a selection of fine, vintage linens or service pieces to grace the table. Any of these would make a perfect gift for the Eleventh Day.


But ah, the Twelfth Day gift! This should be very special. Nothing is more special than that perfect heirloom teapot accompanied by a selection of fine teas. In such a wide range of materials…porcelain, silver, or pottery…and colors, the perfect teapot can be fancy or serviceable. Sure to become a family heirloom for everyday use is the one quart, sturdy pot in white or black with its’ own infuser basket and an insulated metal hood in stainless steel or copper finish. This is a pot which will fit into any decor and will last a lifetime!familyteapots.jpg


Nov 27 2006

On the Sixth Day…


tinyteapotpearl.jpg… the perfect gift might be a stretchy beaded bracelet with a teapot dangle. Available in a variety of beads, from crystal to pearl, this is a wonderful look which your tea pot loving recipient will treasure for many years.

On the seventh day consider a tea for one set, including a teapot, cup, and saucer, already packaged in a festive red felt box along with a small tin of tea. All you need to add is your sentiment to delight the giftee. All of these for under $20.00 each!


vintageteacup.jpgOn the eighth day, anyone would be delighted to receive a vintage teacup and saucer, a treasure from times past with years of enjoyment still ahead. Can’t you imagine the delicate hands, the endless types of tea, and the conversation to which it has been exposed?

Or on the ninth day, perhaps a set including tea pot, sugar bowl, and milk pitcher is what your tea drinker would enjoy. So many vintage items of teaware are available, something to fit every style and budget.



Nov 27 2006

On the Third Day…


teashopmystery.jpg…you might consider a teashop mystery book. Each title bears the name of a tea type, and paired with a tin of tea by the same name, makes a very unique and enjoyable gift for under $10.00

On the fourth day of Christmas, you could add a silver bookmark with a teapot and pearl dangle, the perfect compliment to the tea and book gift!

On the fifth day, how about a 4 ounce tin of an old favorite tea, or a new finely crafted tea to try. The selection is endless, from single estate teas to wonderfully flavored blends, most for under $10.00.


Nov 25 2006

Twelve Days of Christmas…Gift Ideas!


holidaytea21.jpgOn the first day of Christmas, you might consider one of our unique tagalong tins of tea. Five silken sachets of premium tea in a decorative tin suitable for traveling or office. Available in a large variety of flavors at under $5.00.

On the second day of Christmas you might consider a beautiful handtied art tea. These beautiful globes open into a lovely flower when covered with boiling water, making for a soothing and serene experience both visually and in taste. A very special gift for under $5.00!



Nov 19 2006

Holiday Open House:Saturday December 9th


christmastea.jpgWe’re very excited about our open house and hope you will stop in during our extended business hours between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We will have special purchases available for your holiday gifting as well as samplings of teas, and a special gift for you as we celebrate Nellie’s 3rd anniversary!

From 2:00 to 7:00 PM artists from Gallery 265 will join us for you to meet, and will demonstrate their talents by sketching portraits. Refreshments will be served all afternoon.

In addition, Patricia of Cellar Door Floral Designs will be demonstrating beautiful holiday flower arrangements for your pleasure.

Be sure to join us for this holiday fun!