Sep 11 2015

September; Sizzling, Sad, Sentimental, School


September is a full month no matter who you are, what age, or what gender. First, it always denotes the end of summertime activities and the start of the school year, if not in our reality, certainly in our memory. This year, September is  still sizzling which makes me full of sympathy for teachers and students who have had to spend their days in the classroom. But after such a gorgeous summer, I don’t think any of us have regrets for  missed sunshine or water activity weather.

Marianne & Mike cut cake

Marianne & Mike cut cake 1970

It is also a very sentimental month for me, as it is in this month that my husband and I were married. September is a beautiful month for weddings with some of the most gorgeous days of the year, making for lovely receptions and honeymoons to just about anywhere.

For all Americans, September will now forever carry the sadness of the day our lives changed on that September 11th morning of 2001 when attacked on our own soil, with the loss of so many innocent lives. The truly heroic acts of so many who came together in the aftermath speaks volumes of the stuff of which Americans are made. The heart wrenching stories over the years since then continue to remind us of the heroes and the angels who were born that day.Girl Scout 100th anniversary 008


Whether you have headed back to school, are planning a long awaited September getaway, or have embarked on your Fall schedule after a more leisurely summer, it is lovely to make tea a part of your daily routine. It’s a beautiful time to reconnect with friends over tea, perhaps outdoors while the weather still allows. We’ll raise our cups with you and look forward to seeing you soon.



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