Dec 23 2013

Celebrating 10 Years in Business!


Some of you will remember the scene depicted here as the window in the space where Nellie’s was located when we were at 265 Main Street in Biddeford. We joined Kelly Decker and Erin Donovan in their beautiful and creative shop, Pot de Fleur, on December 5, 2003. That beautiful Victorian building with its soaring tin ceilings, mellow and worn wood floors, gorgeous architectural moldings, wonderful natural light, and uplifting feel also housed old and noisy steam heat radiators, inadequate plumbing and electrical fixtures, and freezing temperatures in winter coupled with melting heat in summer. Happily, the building has a new life now under the ownership of David Flood and Caleb Johnson who have done extensive renovations and modernizing to the building while preserving the beautiful architecture. If only the trip to Biddeford from my home in Scarborough allowed me to make it in a shorter time, I would be so happy to be back in this space. ┬áBut now onto our new chapters. Stay tuned as we review our first 10 years over the next few weeks.