Apr 5 2013

New Beginnings…Tea?


To those of us in the the tea world, spring means a new crop of tea. Just about now, early crops are being plucked and processed throughout Asian tea fields, and the coming months will be busy with further processing, auctioning, packing, and shipping.  In this part of the world, we will be eagerly awaiting the availability of new teas for sampling and ordering, excited to share them with you, our customers.    In the photo below, you are seeing freshly plucked tea leaves which I helped to pick on our Tea Tour to  China in 2007. The step seen here is a brief withering on a woven grass tray prior to being pan fired to make green tea. That experience is one of the most treasured memories I have, right up there with my feelings for and experiences with family, my husband, children and grandchildren, dear friends. It has to do with seeing a fresh leaf plucked, but then used in the same way it has been used for thousands of years to convert into a delicious beverage enjoyed by people the world over. Just knowing that across the world, all sorts of new beginnings are occuring should bring us all closer together; perhaps the politicians of the world need to give this some thought.      

Fresh tea leaves

  As our own gardens begin to put forth new shoots, peeking up out of old dried leaves and brown soil, or budding on bare branches of shrubs and trees, one can’t help but feel the thrill of new life. Greens seem greener, colors more vibrant, and that wonderful scent of moist bare soil fills the air.

Before we know it new graduates will be looking ahead to the next chapter in their young lives, young winter/spring puppies and babies will be out toddling about, kids on training wheels will be trying their balance, going from wobble to steady on the sidewalks. I often think this is the time of year for new resolutions; what about you? Welcome to Spring!