Jan 25 2013

Patriots and THE Tea Party?


January 2013 has provided me personally with some great reminders of the link between tea, the greatness of our American Patriots, and the legacy they left us in the freedoms we enjoy on our home soil. Here at Nellie’s, since there are only my one part-time employee and me, rather than holding a company Christmas party, we go off on some sort of adventure after the holiday season is over. This year, we decided to travel to Boston on the DownEaster and visit the new Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships. Arriving on the waterfront via the T, the museum and ships were a lovely site to take in as we approached.


   Greeted by the museum staff, dressed in period costumes and speaking completely in character, we continued to enjoy the hour long museum tour and re-enactment of the night of December 16, 1773. This museum is not at all stuffy, the staff are engaging and dedicated to their roles, and the tour is extremely interactive, even to the point of our participation in throwing chests of tea overboard!                                     

After our tour we enjoyed a cup of tea in Abigail’s Tea Room (that’s Abigail Adams, of course!) A trip here is highly recommended and would be great for children. The events of that crucial  period in the history of our great country are really driven home as we experience some of the passion, anger, and risks these patriots endured for our future freedom.

All of this was driven home even more last week while watching the inaugural activities on TV. Although I was visiting family in the DC area at the time of the festivities, I participated only via the big screen. But as I watched, I was truly struck by the legacy of the Patriots of so long ago, and the fact that we still are the nation with the most personal freedoms in the world, that our leaders are elected by the citizens of this country, guaranteed the right to vote through a secret ballot protected under law, and that despite our problems and disagreements, we continue to be the greatest country in the world. I have always been convinced that if our country’s leaders and world leaders met over cups of tea rather than highly caffeinated coffee or inebriating wine or spirits, more would be accomplished, agreements could be reached more quickly, and the world would be a much more civil place. So, in celebration of our newly elected president, our great Patriots both past and present, and the unmatched freedoms which are ours, I raise my teacup to continuing the full circle of tea in our history.