Jun 20 2012

Tea Party? Oh, You Mean That One…The Original One!


Next week marks the opening of the long awaited Boston Tea Party Museum, featuring the three ships involved in the 1773 dumping of tea chests into the Boston Harbor, the two only remaining tea chests from the ships, and historical tours of the new facility. On hand for the Gala Opening on Monday June 25th  will be Bruce and Shelley Richardson, two of the premier tea importers and blenders in the U.S.A. Founders of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Perrysville, KY, and authors of numerous books on tea, Bruce and Shelley are the perfect fit for this historic occasion.

The new museum will feature the restored and retrofitted original ships The Beaver and Eleanor as well as the reproduced third ship, Dartmouth. It will also feature a tea room and a gift shop where teas specially blended for the museum by Bruce Richardson, will be on hand. Rising up out of the center of Boston Harbor, this new attraction will be a must for tea lovers, lovers of history, ships, and colonialism. I plan to visit very soon and I hope you will as well.