Jan 13 2012

January is National Hot Tea Month ~ Let’s Celebrate!


Try to imagine a world without tea; no kettle on, no homely, or delicately shaped tea pots around the house, no delicate tea cups handed down from one generation to the next, no steaming cup of tea offered to a friend or a sick family member to calm the tummy, or nerves, or to linger over with a friend or new acquaintance. I can’t imagine it. So, this month we celebrate that cup which soothes, lubricates, and alerts us all at the same time. After more than 5,000 years the leaf is gaining a widespread appreciation around the world. Always revered in Asian countries where it was native, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Having been the subject of espionage, wars, trade, and numerous legends and myths for millenia, the western world is becoming increasingly appreciative of all this good plant has to offer. The coldest month of the winter is the perfect time for us to celebrate it. Have a tea party and invite friends in; break out the prettiest tea pot and the delicate tea cups that are never used. Make tiny fingerfoods, or hearty comfort food to have with it. And most of all, be sure to inhale the aroma when you drink it and mentally observe its effect on your body as you sip.





 In honor of National Hot Tea Month, we are offering free tastings ever Saturday this month, with a focus on a different type of tea each week. Here is the lineup:

Saturday January 7th: Focus on Flavored Teas

Saturday January 14th: Focus on Black Teas

Saturday January 21st: Focus on Oolong Teas, and our Lunar New Year        Celebration

Saturday January 18th: Focus on Green and White Teas

Be sure to stop in and celebrate with us; you might just find a new tea you’ll enjoy!