Mar 18 2010

Tea for You?


Lots of people are interested in tea because they’ve read that it’s good for them. But they tell me they just don’t like tea. Sometimes they associate it with being sick because that’s when they were given it as children. Others tell me it makes them nauseous or gives them a burning sensation in their stomach. Or they’ve tried green tea because that’s what the majority of the health related research has been on, and I’m told the tea was so bitter. So, is there a tea for everyone? I believe there is. With such a huge range of tea, from white to green to oolong to black, and then any flavor or other botanical can be blended or  added to any of those, you can find something that you like. The various teas in and of themselves have a huge range of flavors, and they are best enhanced by learning to choose them carefully and prepare them properly. tea-anyone.gif

The most critical aspects of making a good cup or pot of tea include:

1. Select a high quality tea. High quality tea is the most affordable luxury. Most teas can be made several times over using the same tea leaves, and with each infusion you can often taste a different aspect of that particular tea. 

2. Use fresh water with a good taste…bad tasting water will make bad tasting tea.

3. Measure the proper amount of tea leaf; usually one teaspoon per 6-8 ounces of water. Then adjust to taste. 

4. Use water at the correct temperature. Black teas require water at boiling, but green teas require water that has been allowed to cool for a minute or so after boiling

5. Steep the recommended amount of time… and then remove the leaves from the tea! Otherwise you will end up with a bitter, undrinkable brew.

It’s always good if you can taste some teas before you buy them, or if you can buy in small quantities to start.

So…don’t be afraid to explore the wonderful world of tea. I look forward to helping you!