Jan 28 2008



tea-anyone.gifThe ground is white, the wind is blowing, and whether you’ve been out trekking in the cold all day or snuggled inside where it’s warm, there is nothing more welcome than a fragrant cuppa at a certain time of day. I suspect this is the reason January has been officially designated as “Hot Tea Month”. Whether you have one favorite that you drink all the time, or prefer to try something different each time you have tea, THIS is the month to treat yourself to something special. Maybe it will be your standby favorite English Breakfast blend, or an aromatic Oolong. If you need a decaf, I have been getting excellent reports on our new Comoro Vanilla by Harney and Sons, a smooth decaffeinated black tea flavored with just the right amount of vanilla.

If your Valentine is a tea drinker, try giving a different type of flower this Valentine’s Day: a Blooming Flower Tea. There is nothing more beautiful than these globes of hand tied tea leaves as they open in a clear glass of boiled water to reveal the inticate floral design hidden in the center. Scented with Jasmine, these flowers create a mini-vacation in the midst of a busy day as they can be re-infused up to three times. What better way to say ” I love you ” to your special person?