Jan 9 2007

Reserve your space now for the next TEA 101


teatasting.jpgThe next TEA 101 class will be held on Sunday January 21st from 2-4:00 PM. We will begin by learning about the history, cultivation, and processing of this wonderful leaf, followed by discussion of the basic types of tea. We will then taste each of the three basic types, learning the method used by professional tea tasters. Following this informative, hands-on session, each participant may choose a pot of tea they would like to enjoy accompanied by simple tea treats and socialization.

Cost is $15.00 per person paid in advance. Refund available with 48 hrs. notice of cancellation. Please call (209.294.3322) or e-mail (marianne@nelliestea.com) me to reserve your space.



Jan 1 2007

In With the New!!!!


As we say good-bye to the year 2006, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for the good wishes and favorable comments you are so generous with when you visit the shop. Until a few years ago, the retail industry was totally foreign to me, except as a consumer. I have come to appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to create and maintain a thriving retail shop. The passion which pushes us to pursue this dream is only part of what keeps us going. The other part is you, the customer who shares their day, their stories, and their personalities with us. We learn to recognize your moods and your body language on our good days. It is often your kind words which lift our spirits on a dreary or long day. We enjoy being part of the community and are grateful for your support and acceptance of us in your midst.

So, a hearty Thank You, and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year to each and every one!

With Warm Wishes,

Marianne and Company